Soil, Mulch & Pest Control

Pest & Disease Control

Don’t be bashful! Bring in that spotted leaf, or unknown bug! Our educated staff will help you find a solution to your problem. We love passing on the knowledge we have learned over the years!

If you would like to give it a go yourself, follow the link below to The National Gardening Association gardening resources page to search by problem type.

Pest & Disease Control


The foundation of any bountiful garden or luscious container is a good quality soil or potting mix. The best soil or mix will offer your plants optimal conditions for nutrient uptake, root aeration, and moisture retention, which are all necessary for healthy, stable, and reliable plants. We carry the highest quality soils and potting mixes available including these brands, and more:

  • Miracle Gro
  • Pro Mix
  • Fox Farms


Mulch is the covering of choice to enhance your landscaping or help retain moisture in your garden. Depending on the color, it can even make your home and landscaping stand out, offering beautiful contrast. We carry a wide selection of bagged mulches, including these types, and more:

  • Cypress
  • Cedar
  • Pine Nuggets (various sizes)
  • Dark Hardwood Mulch
  • Color-Enhanced Hardwood Mulch

Click on the link below to use the Scott's Miracle Gro mulch calculating tool for easy estimates of bagged or bulk mulch.


In addition to our bagged soils and mulches we offer BULK prices, by the scoop, on the following products:

  • Dark Brown Hardwood Mulch
  • Color-Enhanced RED Hardwood Mulch
  • Color-Enhanced BLACK Hardwood Mulch
  • Color-Enhanced BROWN Hardwood Mulch
  • Bull Country Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Landscaping Stone (various sizes)

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